Wrinkles and Aging – Affecting Factors

Wrinkles and aging

are the most apparent signs of time that is passing. Things that have happened become memories to cherish, our number keeps increasing, and we all age inevitably. There are misconceptions in many women regarding the aging process, and a sort of negative outlook towards life as they age, not to mention hormonal changes, and problems in family. The diminishing looks and wrinkly skin also play a major role in affecting a woman’s confidence. But, there is no reason to feel bad about your aging process, in fact, you can actually turn it into something fun as a reason to pamper yourself more. Here are a few factors that can affect

wrinkles and aging


  • Nutritional Deficiency

    Nutritional deficiencies are one of the biggest reasons for our body getting into trouble. When our body receives all that it needs, it functions perfectly and will be capable of rejuvenating itself every time something happens. Lack of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and protein can result in our body degenerating prematurely, and thus our skin wrinkles.

  • Exposure to Sun

    Sun is a major culprit when it comes to wrinkles whether you are aging or not. The ultraviolet rays present in sun destroy collagen and increase the production of elastin under the skin. This loosens up the muscles under your skin making it look flabby and sagged.

  • Smoking

    Smoking can be traced back to be one of the reasons of literally most of the health problems that we face, let alone wrinkles. It dries you up. The area around your lips is the immediate part of your skin that is affected by smoking. Long term smokers have what are called smokers lines or wrinkles caused because of smoking.

  • Emotional Stress

    Emotional stress can also influence the way you look. Sometimes, when we are stressed our body becomes tensed and unconsciously we contract our muscles. Staying like this in the long run makes your skin wrinkle faster. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin above them will be relaxed too.

  • Dry Skin

    Dehydrated skin is unprotected skin. Water helps your skin stay soft, supple and healthy. Without enough water in your body, your skin gets dehydrated and in the long term it will damage your skin and result in wrinkles.

  • Lack of Physical Activity and Obesity

    Physical activity helps you sweat and send toxic wastes out of your body. It also helps tone the muscles under your skin and keep them strong. Obesity and sudden decrease in weight can also cause wrinkles.

A few changes in your lifestyle is all that you need to improve your skin’s health, texture and appearance.

Wrinkles and aging

will not be as much of a problem to you when you have healthy food intake, and regular physical exercise to keep yourself fit.

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