All About Acne and Wrinkles

Having to deal with wrinkles is a headache big enough to worry about, and what would one do if it’s

acne and wrinkles

together! Many women, especially those during their menopause, experience this. There are many products available over the counter that can help you fight both at the same time and most of them include retinol. Though buying and using these products is not much of a problem, the doubts about their efficiency and side effects certainly are. Before you choose which way to treat them and what kind of products to use, it is important to understand the reasons behind them. Here is more about

acne and wrinkles


Influencing Factors

There are three major influencing factors that affect the appearance of




no matter which age group you belong to.

  • Hormonal changes trigger a lot of changes in our body. The very reason why a teenager, and a woman going through her menopause face so many problems and changes in their body.
  • Having no regular cleansing routine to clear your pores of excess sebum and dead cells is also another reason. When this happens the pores in your skin get clogged resulting in inflammation in those areas. An unclean skin is also prone to wrinkle faster.
  • Stress is also another factor. When we are stressed the adrenal glands above our kidneys produce adrenalin and cortisol so that we are well equipped to deal with stressful situations. The cortisol makes the skin produce extra sebum making our skin oily, and if your pores are clogged because of make up or dirt, the sebum accumulates and develops into acne. Stress is also a major reason why women age faster resulting in wrinkled skin.

How to deal with both Acne and wrinkles at the same time?

Now that you know the reasons behind for


formation and


bursts, it is easier to understand how to deal with them. In most cases, it is enough if you follow a basic routine of cleansing and moisturising according to your skin type. But, if the situation is out of hands you can opt for medical treatments. Here are a few suggestions how you can treat both.

  • Adopt a regular skin care routine. Cleanse your skin regularly and if your skin is dry apply light moisturiser. If your skin becomes dry after cleansing and oily after some time, then apply mild toners such as rose water. It moisturises your skin and regulates oil secretion.
  • Aloe vera gel works well for both


    and decreasing


    by moisturising your skin. You can apply a thin layer of aloe vera before you sleep and wash it off in the morning. It also tones your skin and smoothes out fine lines.

  • Take fresh fruits and drink at least two liters of water everyday. The vitamins and fiber in fruits help detoxify your skin and reduce acne breakouts. The antioxidant properties of vitamins also help decrease the effects of aging. Water helps in keeping your skin moisturised and fresh.
  • Sweating is also a good way of cleansing your skin. Start some physical activity that you will enjoy and sweat it out. Sweating also improves your skin function and reduces wrinkles.
  • You can also try creams or gels of vitamin A for both these problems.
  • Medical options such as chemical peels and other dermatological treatments are also available for you.

Among the many options available for you to choose from, the more natural the ways you choose to treat them the better.

Acne and wrinkles

are as much hormonal problems as they are problems of bad lifestyle, which is why changing your life to include healthier habits and choices is the best way to get rid of them.

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