Neck Wrinkles – Reasons and Treatments

Neck wrinkles

are wrinkles of the worst kind. They just don’t make you look old and haggard, but they make your neck look so ugly. Every time you want to wear a pretty chain around your neck, or a nice dress to go out, they can be quite bothersome, and a pretty face without a pretty neck is simply not acceptable. Which is more the reason to find out everything you can about them, and, once and for all solve the problem of

neck wrinkles



The reasons that are behind the appearance of these type of wrinkles are usually the same reasons that result in wrinkles at any part of your body.

  • Prolonged exposure to sun is one of the major reasons for wrinkles. The UV rays present in the sun light can penetrate your skin, breakdown collagen and cause elastin to accumulate. This loosens up the skin and results in wrinkles.
  • Nutritional imbalances are also a reasons in causing skin to wrinkle.
  • Wrong postural habits and very little physical activity loosens up the muscles. This loosened flesh and skin is further sagged down because of gravitation.
  • When the body lacks enough moisture, the skin becomes dry and less elastic resulting in wrinkles.


There are many kinds of treatments available for wrinkles.

  • One way of treating wrinkles is by injecting botox, restylene or collagen into the affected area. The effects of these injections last for a few months after which you will have to get them done again.
  • There are other options such as chemical peels, microdermabraisons, and laser skin resurfacing treatments which work by removing the upper layers of the skin so that a new healthier version of it grows.

With regular physical activity, good nutritional diet, and proper care, you can keep your skin healthy, soft, supple, and wrinkle-free.

Neck wrinkles

are no exception to this and a fit and healthy body can keep them at bay.

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