Wrinkles on Chest – Reasons and Remedies


wrinkles on chest

can be quite bothersome when you want to wear a nice pretty dress. In most of the women, wrinkles are a result of either aging or lack of proper skin care, nutrition, and fitness. While aging can be slowed down, it cannot be entirely prevented. Other factors that affect the skin’s health can be prevented if proper care is taken. Here are more reasons and some remedies for

wrinkles on chest



Finding out the reasons behind the appearance of


on your


is the first step towards understanding how to prevent them, because, when you know the reasons, all you have to do is either avoid them or protect yourself from them.

  • The ultraviolet rays present in sun can damage your skin when you are exposed to them for too long. They cause the collagen present under your skin to degrade and accumulate elastin. It will also make your skin dry and result in loss of flexibility.
  • Deep fried and junk foods contain high levels of saturated fats, sugars, and salts, and are low in antioxidants and other nutrients. These high levels of saturated fats contain free radicals that are damaging to our body, hence, one of the biggest factors that drive our body to age faster.
  • The harmful chemicals that permeate our body through air or in other ways because of increased pollution can cause immense damage to our body.
  • Those who sleep on their side are more prone to wrinkles that occur on their chest. This is because of the gravity that acts on the body.
  • Aging is another factor that can cause wrinkles on your skin. As you age, the amount of collagen and elastin present under your skin slowly decreases. This causes your skin to sag and look wrinkled.

Remedies to Treat Wrinkles

There are many remedies to treat

chest wrinkles

. In fact, most of the remedies that are used to treat wrinkles in general can also be used to treat these kind of wrinkles. Here are a few remedies that can help you get rid of them.

  • A mixture of honey and lemon juice can work as excellent toners for skin. You can apply this mixture on your skin and leave it overnight or wash it off after it’s dried out. Remember not to do anything that folds the skin when this mixture is applied.
  • Banana is one of best fruits that can help you fight against wrinkles. Peel off the banana, and apply the pulp over the skin.
  • A good massage with olive oil or any other essential oil of your choice can help increase the blood circulation under the skin and thus providing it with the necessary nutrients and oxygen it needs.
  • Sweating is a good way to keep your skin healthy. Include some form of physical exercise in your everyday routine, or you can also consult a trainer regarding what sort of exercises you can do to take care of your chest.
  • Make sure that you are getting enough amounts of water everyday so that you skin doesn’t get dry and become susceptible to wrinkles.

Staying healthy and fit is the best defense against accelerating aging of our body. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting enough fiber, vitamins, and all other nutrients can prevent the appearance of

wrinkles on chest

, and all other types of wrinkles for that matter.

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