5 Reasons Behind Wrinkles on Face

Of all the skin related problems that women have to face wrinkles are perhaps the most bothersome, and not to mention the

wrinkles on face

. Because, our face is our identity; it represents us in almost every walk of life, and to have a face that looks wrinkled, old and haggard can have a very bad influence on our confidence. Understanding the reasons behind wrinkles can be our first step towards preventing them and getting rid of them. Here are the reasons behind

wrinkles on face


  • Exposure to Sun

    Sun, one of the main culprit behind damaged skin. Prolonged exposure to sun, especially during midday, can cause the ultraviolet rays to penetrate much deeper into our skin, resulting in dry, damaged and wrinkled skin.

  • Exposure to Pollutants

    Pollutants that are present in the atmosphere can accumulate on your skin, clog your pores, and result in unhealthy reactions with your skin molecules. Which is why it is important to cleanse your skin regularly at night before you get to bed.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

    The health of skin depends on the kind of food you provide to it. Without necessary nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, and essential fatty acids, it loses it’s ability to stay healthy and heal.

  • Lack of Moisture

    Almost as much as 60% of a healthy human being’s body constitutes water, and we lose water everyday through perspiration and while discharging body wastes. So you can imagine what dehydration and not replenishing your body of its daily need of water can do to your skin. Drinking enough water is essential to retain the flexibility and softness of your skin.

  • Excessive Smoking and Drinking

    Smoke and alcohol are well known for their dehydrating capabilities. And your skin is the one of the first organs that gets affected when you drink and smoke excessively beyond your body’s capability to repair itself.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, aging is also a most prevalent cause for degradation of skin, but, this process can be delayed with regular skin care from the beginning. Now that you are aware of the reasons behind

wrinkles on face

, you can take measures to prevent any signs of premature aging.

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