7 Most Wonderful Foods for Healthy Skin

What we eat and how we eat play an important role in determining the way we look.

Foods for healthy skin

are those that can provide your skin with good amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamins, protein, and water. Way before you start working on your skin and worrying yourself to death which skin care product to choose, you need to get your food and health right, because, it is your only natural door to get your skin look better. Here are the seven most wonderful

foods for healthy skin.

  1. Fish

    Fish is perhaps the best skin food ever because of its abundant omega fatty acids stores. Omega fatty acids or essential fatty acids give your skin a very smooth and supple feel. They help the cells in your skin decrease the permeability of water and thus increase the amount of time they can retain water in them, which means your skin stays moisturized for longer periods of time.

  2. Avocado

    Avocado is high in vitamin E and C. Vitamin E, as you know, is the most prominent ingredient in most beauty products that are available in the market for decreasing the effects of aging. It helps stimulate collagen production under your skin making it look more toned, young, and healthier.

  3. Eggs

    Eggs might seem to be a very odd choice for healthy skin food. But, when the skin cells do not receive enough amounts of nutrients such as proteins and vitamins it leads to faster cell degradation. So eat eggs whichever way you like, because, they provide you with a good amount of protein that is need for cell repair, growth, and regeneration.

  4. Carrots

    Rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, and, not to mention, fiber, carrots are full of excellent nutrition. Cooked, juiced, or eaten raw, they provide you with all the benefits you need for a healthy glowing skin.

  5. Nuts

    When they say you are what you eat, they definitely don’t mean nuts. A fist full of walnuts or any of your favorite nuts every day can provide you with all the essential fatty acids that you need, and they also serve as an excellent alternative to fish if you are a vegetarian.

  6. Green Tea

    Another wonderful skin food in our list is green tea. This warm sublimely green liquid in a cup twice a day can be your window to a world free of free radicals. With green tea you will be equipped with antioxidants that fight against harmful free radicals and toxins that are present in your body leaving you and your skin healthy.

  7. Water

    Our skin needs moisture to keep it functioning properly and stay healthy. A dry skin is easily prone to premature aging and degeneration than skin that gets its water stores replenished regularly, which is why you should you drink at least a minimum of 6 good glasses of water everyday.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is the first thing one should do to keep their skin looking young and beautiful. Along with taking

foods for healthy skin

, you must also consider having some form of physical activity that will let you sweat and tone your muscles to keep your skin toned and glowing.

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