The Benefits and Side Effects of Photo Facial Treatment

Among many types of treatments for wrinkles,

photo facial

treatment is the one that focuses on the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating collagen production in those layers to remove wrinkles. To decide whether it is the option you need to choose to treat wrinkles it is essential to find out about both the benefits and side effects. Here are the various benefits and side effects of

photo facial



This treatment answers many requirements for the treatment of skin related problems varying from improving the texture to removing anything unwanted on the skin.

  • It is very effective in treating various skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the cells present in your skin to generate more collagen to make your skin look plumper.
  • Unlike other wrinkle treatments, such as, laser skin resurfacing, or microdermabraison, this treatment doesn’t require removing the outer layer of your skin for removing wrinkles.
  • It also improves the skin texture by closing up the pores that have become enlarged because of damage to the skin or aging.
  • It also treats other skin problems such as dark spots, pigmentation, and acne.

Side Effects

The side effects of this treatment are mostly short term, though long term side effects are also noticed in rare cases.

  • Some amount of swelling and redness of the skin is seen in some people who have taken this treatment. These side effects are usually short term and disappear after a few minutes or hours.
  • Bruising, peeling, and itching are other side effects.
  • More severe side effects such as burning, scarring, and blistering are seen in some people, though, they are less common.

Consulting your dermatologist and thoroughly discussing about your previous medical history and any other problems related to skin is very important before you go on and decide upon

photo facial

treatment. This way your dermatologist will be able to decide if it is worth taking the treatment or not.


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