How to Prevent Wrinkles under Eyes?

We put a lot of stress on our eyes while reading, watching TV or movies, and we tend to squint and crinkle many times in a day.

Wrinkles under eyes

are the most common consequence of this stress over a prolonged period of time. Which is why, you should start taking care of your eyes before the wrinkles become too deep and need professional treatment. Here are a few tips to prevent

wrinkles under eyes


4 Tips to Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles

  • Do Not Squint

    When we look at the monitor and read something we involuntarily tend to squint at it. But, remember that it will neither make reading easier nor is it any good for your eyes. Staying like that for long periods of time will cause wrinkles. So, sit back, relax, and wear anti-glare glasses or you can even try decreasing the brightness and contrast of your monitor.

  • Food for Your Eyes

    Always make sure your eyes are getting all the nutrition they need. Beta carotene, vitamins A, C, and E, zinc and essential fatty acids are important foods for your eyes. Eat plenty of carrots, green leafy vegetables, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and fish to keep your eyes and eye sight healthy.

  • De-stress Your Eyes

    Sometimes your eyes get stressed and they need to be pampered. Rub your hands together until they are well warmed up; then cup your palms over your closed eyes and let them relax. You can also use chilled cucumber slices to de-stress your tired eyes.

  • Get Enough Sleep

    The time you spend sleeping is the time during which your body rejuvenates itself. A good night’s sleep helps your eyes relax and recover from daytime’s stress. Get proper sleep every night to keep your eyes healthy and wrinkle-free.

If you take the above simple precautions and take care of your eyes well you can easily prevent

wrinkles under eyes

. Make sure not to put too much strain on your eyes as much as possible.

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