5 Remedies for Aging Oily Skin

The trick to control oil secretion by your skin is to keep your skin healthy, nourished, and moisturized. It is the lack of moisture that triggers oil secretion and an

aging oily skin

is no exception. There are two ways of keeping your skin moisturized: one is to keep it healthy from the inside and the other is to use natural remedies that can keep your skin moisturized and regulate oil secretion. Here are a few remedies for

aging oily skin


  • Rose Water

    Rose water is an excellent skin toner and moisturizer. Though it is usually used for cleaning the skin pores, it can also be applied on the face instead of a moisturizer. It helps the skin restore its pH value and thus, regulates the oil secretion.

  • Fuller’s Earth

    Mix fuller’s earth and rose water or just water and apply the mixture on your skin. Wash it off with cold water after it gets dry. This helps decrease the oil secretion by closing the pores of your skin and also reduces wrinkles by making the skin firm.

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera gel is a wonderful skin moisturizer and toner for oily aging skin. All you have to do is just apply the gel on your skin, let it dry and wash it off. Aloe vera moisturizers your skin thoroughly eliminating the need for your skin to produce oil to prevent it from getting dry.

  • Egg White and Honey

    Mix an egg white with a spoonful of honey and apply it on your skin. In this mixture, egg white acts as a skin toner, where as, honey acts as a moisturizer. This mixture helps moisturize and tone your skin.

  • Chickpea Flour

    Mix chickpea flour in rose water or just water and apply it on your skin. Wash the mixture with cold water when it gets dry on your skin. Chickpea flour works as both moisturizer and toner for your skin by providing your skin with mild oil and closing the pores.

Making a few changes in your diet such as including fiber rich foods and decreasing the amount of oil or fat consumption and deep fried foods will help regulate the oil production in your skin. Apart form the above remedies, the pores of an

aging oily skin

need to be kept clean and the skin cleansed regularly.

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