5 Remedies for Dry Aging Skin

One of the top reasons for premature aging of skin and wrinkles is dehydrated skin. Dry skin loses elasticity faster, becomes loose over the muscles, and forms wrinkles. There are remedies for

dry aging skin

that focus on bringing back the moisture in the skin and help it retain its pH value. This involves making the skin cells healthy by providing them with nourishment and moisture. Here are a few remedies for

dry aging skin


  • Massage with Essential Oils

    Use any of your favorite essential oils and apply it on your skin. Massage the skin with your finger tips in small circular motions. This improves the blood circulation and helps your skin absorb the oils.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe vera gel is nature’s best moisturizer. It can help close the skin pores and moisturize it. It also helps your skin heal with its antiseptic properties.

  • Skin Toners

    Using mild skin toners such as rose water, egg white with honey, or lemon juice with honey, can improve your skin texture by restoring its pH value. By restoring the pH value, they regulate the oil secretion on your skin making them less dry.

  • Essential Oil Baths

    Apart from massaging, you can also use the essential oils during baths. Add a few drops of any of the oils to the water and let your skin absorb them. This helps moisturize the skin from deep within.

  • Exercising, Water, and Sweating

    Exercising regularly improves blood circulation and restores all bodily functions back to normal, which means healthy changes in your skin. It is also essential to balance the input and output of water in your body. Sweating helps keep your skin moist and spreads sebum across the surface, where as, drinking water replenishes the lost fluids.

A dry skin is also a result of inadequate fatty acids in your diet. Eating foods that are rich in essential fatty acids such as fish and nuts will help keep your skin nourished.

Dry aging skin

will no longer be your problem when you take the above measures to keep your skin healthy.

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