5 Top Tips for Tightening Loose Skin

Saggy loose skin can be quite an embarrassment whether you are into making yourself look younger or not. To work on

tightening loose skin

, you first need to understand the reasons behind it. The skin becomes loose if it has no support to stay in place, and the muscles underneath it should be fit and toned. It also needs to be provided with a regular supply of nutrients to keep it healthy. Here are 5 top tips for

tightening loose skin


  • Eat Protein Rich Diet

    Protein is the most important of all nutrients required for growth and reproduction of cells and skin tissues. Without enough protein intake, the muscle will not be healthy and the skin becomes saggy. Include fish, chicken, or any lean meat, and peas in your diet regularly.

  • Vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids

    After proteins, the nutrients that are as essential to your skin are vitamins and omega fatty acids. They help your skin young looking and supple by keeping the cells of your skin healthy.

Tightening Loose Skin

  • Tone Your Muscles

    Exercising and keeping the muscles underneath your skin is essential in keeping your skin tight over them. If your muscles are loose and flabby, or have lost collagen due to disuse and under nutrition, then your skin cannot be properly supported over them.

  • Be Careful with Weight Loss

    Sometimes, sudden weight loss decreases the amount of fat present in the body and this sudden decrease in the body’s size makes it difficult for the skin to contract. So, keep your weight loss regime gradually progressive giving your skin enough time to get to terms with its elasticity.

  • Mind Your Health

    Health problems in some people, that result in wasting of muscle or unintentional weight loss can also be a reason for loosening of the skin. If you have any such health issues, treating them would solve the problem.

These tips will require long-term dedication and the effort will pay with much reliable and permanent results. However, if you want more instant results for your skin, you can also try treatments that use chemicals or laser for

tightening loose skin


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