4 Ways for Preventing Lip Wrinkles

Smiling is the most common and polite way of greeting people, and to have a beautiful smile can mean a sure way into the heart of those who look at you. But, many women as they age, or due to certain factors end up with

lip wrinkles

, that would prevent them from the advantage of having a great smile. Fortunately, by taking proper care and measures you can easily prevent this from happening. Here are a few ways for preventing

lip wrinkles

Lip Wrinkles

  • Quit Smoking

    Smoking is one of the easiest ways to make your lips dry and dark. The heat in the smoke in addition to the nicotine present in tobacco will damage the skin and collagen of your lips. Smoking is also responsible for triggering overall premature aging of your skin. Quitting smoking can help prevent this from happening.

  • Apply Lip Balm

    Applying at least a little bit of lip balm will help your lips stay moisturized for long periods of time. This will prevent them from getting dry and wrinkled, as dry skin is prone to be easily wrinkled. You can also try applying lipstick that are meant to keep your lips moisturized for long hours.

  • Do Not Skip Meals

    Ever notices how your lips would become dry when you do not eat on time? Well, that’s because your body is not receiving enough energy on time, dehydrated, and is not moisturized with the oils and liquids that can be present in the food you eat. Skipping meals either for dieting or for any other reasons can ruin the looks of your lips. Always make sure you eat on time, and if you are not hungry or on diet eat less instead of skipping entirely.

  • Drink Sufficient Water

    Drinking enough water regularly can keep your lips hydrated. Dehydrated skin easily tends to become dry, rigid, and thus will lose its elasticity. This will make your lips look parched and even cracked, which is not a good thing in the long run. So, drink plenty of water regularly.

Taking these simple measures to take care of your general health and lips can prevent

lip wrinkles

, and even premature aging.

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