4 Ways for Preventing Wrinkles on Hands

Hands are perhaps the most exposed of all parts in the body, apart from face. They are used for almost everything that one needs to do, be it eating, cooking, cleaning, or holding someone.

Wrinkles on hands

can be a very nasty sight if not treated and taken care of. You can easily prevent them by keeping your hands moisturized, and protecting from extreme and harsh conditions. Here are a few ways for preventing

wrinkles on hands

Wrinkles on Hands

  • Always Apply Moisturizer

    Unless you are sure you skin is good at replenishing body oils, make sure you always apply moisturizer or a lotion on your hands. You can also try applying oils such as olive oil or almond oil to your hands during night and even massage them. They have anti-aging and healing properties which will help the skin on your hands stay moisturized and rejuvenate.

  • Do Not Use Harsh Soap

    No matter what, always try not to use any harsh soap to wash your hands. This will dry the skin on your hand too often, making it feel rough and rigid. Use mild soap or handwash instead and be gentle while removing dirt or other substances from your hand.

  • Do Not Scrub Too Often

    Considering the number of times hands are washed in a day, they are the cleanest part of the body. So, scrubbing them too often or during your skin cleaning routine is not necessary. In fact, if done too many times, your hands will end up dry and the skin loses its elasticity becoming rigid.

  • Protect Your Hands

    While you are working on your household chores or any other tasks that require your hands to be exposed to extreme conditions (extreme heat, cold, or wetness, or, strong detergent or cleaning agent) make sure your hands are protected. Always try not to handle them with bare hands.

Apart from the above precautions, you should also make sure that the

wrinkles on hands

are not due to dietary deficiencies. If they are, then you will need to work on including more essential fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins in your diet.

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