4 Causes for Premature Wrinkles on Skin

Having your skin well cared for is a luxury not everyone can have time for. But, when you know about the underlying reasons for

premature wrinkles

on skin, you can make a few changes in your lifestyle, so that though explicitly not taken care of, your skin can stay healthy. So, here are those causes for

premature wrinkles

on your skin.
Premature Wrinkles

  • Irregular Skin Care

    The skin needs to be regularly cared for. It should be regularly cleansed, scrubbed, or moisturized according to its need. The skin pores are in constant danger of being clogged because of sebum, pollution, or simply dirt that gets accumulated on the skin. If not cleansed regularly, this can lead to irregular pH balance on skin, and can result in damage and premature aging of your skin.

  • Dietary Imbalances

    Unhealthy dietary habits and imbalances in nutrition can also result in improper healing of your body. The cells in your body start to get damaged or die over time, which is natural. The body needs a regular supply of all types of nutrients in a balanced way, so that these damaged cells can be repaired or the dead cells can be replaced. If this healing process doesn’t occur, the continuously degenerating cells will not be replaced.

  • Smoking and Alcohol

    Excessive smoking and alcohol are other reasons that have major contribution in damage caused to your skin at cellular level. Apart from that, they both result in dehydration of skin. Since dry skin is easily prone to damage, if not cut down or moderated, they can lead to premature aging.

  • Exposure to Extreme Climates

    Being exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold is also a reason for external damage of the skin. Not being well protected from the sun or cold weathers for long periods of time or too often can result in wrinkles.

So, keep your skin well-nourished, well cared for, and well-nourished to ensure that it stays soft supple and young. Preventing the causes of

premature wrinkles

on skin is the best way to ensure that wrinkles are avoided.

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