What are the Factors that Cause Wrinkles?

The largest organ of your body, the skin, just like other parts of the body, ages to

cause wrinkles

. A wrinkled skin either has fine lines or deep furrows. This effect is seen profoundly on the areas that have been exposed to the sun rays. Sun damages the skin and leads to photoaging, dryness and roughness, saggy skin, skin growths like liver spots or keratoses, apart from wrinkled skin. But there are many more factors that contribute to this condition such as the ones given below. Read and find out.

Factors that Cause Wrinkles

Factors that are responsible for the appearance of deep creases and fine surface lines are mentioned below.

1. Smoking – Regular smoking leads to a wrinkled skin.
2. Light Skin – People with a fair or light colored skin tone with blue eyes are prone to sun damage that results in fine lines.
3. Heredity – Some people are naturally blessed with a wrinkled skin due to hereditary reasons.
4. Recreational or occupational habits – Activities such as sailing, farming, golfing as well as using tanning booths can cause fine lines to appear on the skin.
5. Old age – Old- aged and elderly people naturally develop a creased skin.

Tips that Clear a Wrinkled Skin

Though some of the above mentioned factors that

cause wrinkles

such as hereditary factors, are beyond your control, you can still keep away from this problem as far as possible by following the tips given below.

1. Stop smoking or at least reduce the number of times you smoke.
2. People with light skin must stay indoors as much as possible or go out after wearing a sun blocking or protection cream.
3. Try wrinkle treatments for removing fine lines.
4. Try advanced techniques such as plastic surgery or injection of fillers for removing deep creases.

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  1. Wow…finally a post on what actually causes wrinkles! If we had more such posts, there would be a lot less wrinkles cropping up, literally!

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