The Truth about Exercise and Wrinkles

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body which protects you and is responsible for giving you a visual identity.

Exercise and wrinkles

bear an inverse relationship, because the key to having a flawless skin is to keep your skin and muscle toned. Without proper exercise, the muscle structure will loosen up making your skin look sagged and wrinkled. Here is more on the truth about

exercise and wrinkles

, and the benefits that you can reap with a good workout.
Exercise and Wrinkles

Why do wrinkles occur?

Wrinkles can occur due to many factors, such as aging, lack of nutrition, damage to the skin, certain illnesses, and a lifestyle that doesn’t involve healthy activity. Though it might seem a very farfetched reason, lack of physical activity can, both directly and indirectly, affect your skin’s health.

How can exercise change the way your skin looks?

Your skin is directly attached to your muscles, and hence its texture and health completely depend on your muscle health. When your muscles are toned, the skin above it will be stretched tight over them and can stay elastic. Other benefits of exercising for skin health include sweating, which can help regulate your skin’s pH value along with cleansing the pores from deep within. A good cardio workout can enhance blood circulation in your body, which means a good supply of oxygen, water, and nutrients to your skin.

What about alternative treatments available for wrinkles?

Going for wrinkle treatments is an option which is best kept at the end of your list as a last resort. Keeping your skin wrinkle-free naturally through healthy diet and lifestyle is what you should do to get a skin that looks reliably young. But, if you feel that your skin is beyond this stage, you can go for anti-wrinkle treatments without hesitation. But, do thorough research and consult a dermatologist you can trust before deciding upon going for them.

What kind of exercises are best for wrinkles?

There are many exercises for wrinkles and skin health that you can consider. Exercises such as aerobics and yoga are a good choice as they aim at improving blood circulation and increase oxygenation of blood. They also help you sweat, improve your muscle tone and skin’s elasticity.

Along with exercise, a healthy lifestyle, that includes diet rich in proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals, is also important. So, make sure you are staying physically active through regular



and wrinkles

will be a long lost past.

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