4 Ways to Prevent Photo Aging of Skin

Constant exposure to sun could be one of the reasons why your skin is aging prematurely and losing all of its natural nourished look. Photo aging of skin occurs when your skin is exposed to too much sun, causing the collagen present under your skin to breakdown and result in skin cell and tissue damage. The only defense against it is to protect the exposed areas of your skin and prevent any damage. Here are a few ways to prevent photo aging of skin.

  • Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen

    Always make sure you apply sunscreen on your skin before going out into the sun. Especially, if you live in hot areas or need to spend a lot of time under the sun, the areas of skin that are usually exposed to the sun should be protected. A sunscreen with SPF of around 30 is good if you are someone who is bound to be constantly exposed to sun.

  • Vitamin C Rich Foods

    An effective cure or preventive method for sun damage of skin is to consume foods that are rich in vitamin C at least one time per day. Apart from being an antioxidant that helps fight aging, vitamin C is necessary in the production of collagen in your skin. With increased production of collagen it will be easier to prevent wrinkles and permanent damage to the skin. Some of the foods that are rich in vitamin C include oranges and any citrus fruit, peppers, guavas, green leafy vegetables, papaya, kiwi fruit, broccoli, and strawberries.

  • Increase Antioxidant Intake

    Antioxidants are, fortunately, the most easily available products that can fight aging better than anything else, though unfortunately they are also least consumed by many people. They are present in every fruit and every vegetable, and eating at least one of them in your every meal can provide your body with enough antioxidants for the day. So, make sure you eat one fruit or vegetable for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner or supper.

  • Other Ways of Protecting the Skin

    You can also protect your skin by staying away from sun during peak hours, by wearing clothes that can cover the body well, or simply using an umbrella or wearing a hat. Applying olive oil at night after washing your skin with cool water will also help the skin heal from that day’s damage.

Cosmetic treatments, such as dermabraison or chemical peels, for treating damaged skin are better opted as last resort because it’s best when the skin can heal itself through natural means. With proper preventive measures, photo aging of skin can be prevented avoiding the need for further treatments.

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