What is the Truth Behind Premature Skin Aging?

A wrinkled skin is the sign of damage that has been caused by some externally and internally acting reasons.Premature skin aging can mean a lot of things, from nutritional deficiencies, health problems, to exposure to extreme climatic conditions. Understanding the reasons behind the wrinkles can help you find solutions and solve the problem. Here is more about the truths and reasons behind

Causes of premature skin aging:

  • Inadequate NourishmentWhat is the Truth Behind Premature Skin Aging?

    Receiving inadequate nutrients is one of the most important reasons for premature aging. The body needs a regular supply of all types of nutrients to stay healthy, heal, produce new cells, and for healthy growth. Especially, inadequate intake of proteins, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, which are necessary for healthy skin, will lead to aging at an younger age.

  • Smoking and Alcohol

    Tobacco smoke and alcohol increase dehydration in the body. The carbon monoxide present in smoke decreases the blood’s ability to supply enough oxygen and nutrients in the body, where as, change in pH value of the blood too often will decrease the body’s healing nature.

  • Health Problems

    Certain health problems that interfere with growth process, such as sleep apnea, diabetes, or breathing disorders, in the body are also a reason for premature aging. In these cases, keeping yourself healthy, complying with medication and treatment will prevent any such problems.

  • Exposure to Extreme Climatic Conditions

    Being exposed to extreme heat, cold, humid, or dry conditions will also affect the skin’s health. Taking precautions while in such climatic conditions and making sure not to be exposed for too long will help prevent damage to the skin.

  • Mental Stress

    Negative moods will release stress hormones in the body which will affect your skin’s health as well. Mental stress has become a very prevalent reason for premature aging in many women these days, which is why it is important to have de-stressing strategies in your daily routine.

Though you cannot outrun the natural aging process, you can always prevent premature skin aging. All you have to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods, include regular physical activity in your daily routine, and take good care of your skin.

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