Chest Wrinkles

Chest wrinkles like wrinkles that occur in other parts of the body are a result of the breakdown or decreased production of collagen and elastin fibers that constitute the middle layer of the skin also known as the dermis. With age, the deep seated fatty layer of the skin which is also know as the subcutaneous layer begins to thin along with the dermis while the epidermis or the outermost layer begins to thicken. This incongruity between the skin layers makes the skin vulnerable to adverse conditions like wrinkling for example.

The human body faces some inevitable conditions which are contributed by the aging process and the occupational and recreational activities that people choose to follow like prolonged exposure to the harmful effects of the sun and smoking.

While people are busy spending millions of dollars on their appearance thereby fighting all the signs that have come about with age, the areas like the neck and chest are often ignored.

Causes of chest wrinkles:

Conditions which exacerbate or initiate wrinkle formations in the chest area include the following:

  • Sunlight
  • Smoking
  • Sleeping habits or patterns
  • Pollution
  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal changes among women after attaining menopause

People suffering from wrinkling chests are not really satisfied with topical medicines as they can get messy and is frequently accompanied with night sweats which can cause enough discomfort, uneasiness and a disturbed sleep.

Tips and Treatments for dealing with chest wrinkles:

Researchers have however arrived on numerous techniques to deal with the wrinkles on the chest which include the following treatments available at every nook and corner in recent times:

  • Firstly, wear appropriate and comfortable clothes while sleeping. Experts claim that inappropriate and tight or uncomfortable lingerie or underwear which women often sleep with can cause considerable wrinkles in the cleavage, chest and lower neck areas.
  • Use dermatologist recommended products which can stimulate collagen and elastin production that can rejuvenate the skin around the chest areas.
  • Include antioxidants in your diet like vitamins, minerals and beta carotene.
  • Skin peels to re-hydrate and nourish the skin in the chest area.
  • Surgical methods include laser resurfacing which deals with vaporizing the upper and damaged layers of the skin. Earlier the carbon dioxide laser resurfacing was common but erbium laser therapy is sough after and recommended these days owing to the fact that it has a shorter healing time period and because it is a more gentle procedure.
  • Wrinkle fillers are also acquiring great significance of late in treating the wrinkles around the chest area. It is a natural gel that is injected into the area affected and involves a complete twenty minute procedure to give your skin a youthful and revitalized look.
  • The lumi lift treatment is also an alternative for chest wrinkles.

Age takes a drastic toll on our bodies thereby affecting our appearance and strength. Fight the deteriorating signs of aging by resorting to lucrative and feasible methods to revive your skin and health.