Diet and Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a damaged condition of skin, which occurs mainly due to aging. This shows the connection between a body and wrinkles. A healthy and young body is supposed to be free from wrinkles. Logically, if good food is necessary for the overall growth of a body then good food is also necessary for preventing wrinkles.

According to different studies, nutritious food comprises the diet of people having fewer wrinkles, whereas those who have more wrinkles on their face eat more of junk food and saturated fat. Plenty of fruits and vegetables in addition to fish help in preventing wrinkles. Foods like saturated fat and junk food, on the other hand, are the main reasons for the occurrence of wrinkles.

Diet that prevents wrinkles:

  • Total fat is good for health and it helps your body stay fit and fight against aging and unwanted wrinkles.
  • Fish is a nutritious food. It is also good for preventing untimely wrinkles. In case of fish, fatty fish such as sardines should be preferred.
  • Olives and olive oil also come under the food category that fight wrinkles. They keep the skin moist from inside out and help preventing wrinkles.
  • Fruits and fruit products are very helpful for the overall development of the body as well as the skin.
  • Egg is a healthy food. It contains ingredients that supplies essential nutrition to the body.
  • Drinking tea is proved to be advantageous for skin.
  • Water is essential for human body. Lack of water dries up the whole body and it may lead to a plethora of diseases along with wrinkles on the skin.
  • Foods containing zinc go a long way in fighting the skin problems. Zinc containing food includes sea food, lean meat, milk and nuts.
  • Dark leafy greens, which are also known for their antioxidant properties in the fight against the degenerative effects of aging, are a great help in case of wrinkles.
  • Winter squash is one of the best vegetables for fighting skin disorder and wrinkles. Winter squash contains high levels of anti oxidant vitamins A and C. The Vitamin C helps skin retain its elasticity and also prevents bruising. Vitamin A resists infection, which helps in preventing acne.
  • Beets contain high level of iron, which is very essential for health and skin care.

Diet that helps in forming wrinkles:

  • Fatty processed meat is harmful for your body as well as your skin. It may cause or even aggravate wrinkles.
  • Dairy products like ice cream and other unfermented products are harmful in case of wrinkles.
  • Soft drinks are very harmful for skin. These drinks increase the fat content of the body, which leads to have wrinkles on the skin.
  • Cakes, pastries and other junk food are also harmful for body as well as skin.
  • Potato is the most harmful among all vegetables as it put on more fat in body.
  • Margarine is also a deleterious food for health and skin.
  • Butter tastes good but it has any bad effects on human body. It can also aggravate the wrinkles on one’s skin.

Diet is, therefore, a very important factor to keep in mind in case of skin care. Proper diet enhances the glow and beauty of skin, whereas a diet containing improper food can do harm to your skin in stead of toning it.