How Wrinkles Form?

Experts claim that with the normal aging process the skin begins to lose its firmness and resilience. This is contributed by the fact that with age the body begins to function very slowly. While facing a degenerating experience the body also tends to engage in a slow production of collagen and elastin that help in maintaining a youthful skin.

Further one’s recreational habits like excessive exposure to the sun, smoking and tanning salons can aggravate the prevalence and severity of wrinkle formations on a persons face.

Researchers explain that that there are three major layers that support our skin structure. The outermost layer is called the epidermis, the middle layer which is called the dermis and the innermost fat layer which is called the subcutaneous layer.

With age, the epidermis layer becomes thicker while both the inner layers start becoming thinner. This is the main cause of wrinkle formation. Thinness of the dermis is caused due to the loss of collagen and elastin fibers which are the basic constituents of the middle layer. This happens because as one becomes older, there is a breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers accompanied with reduced production of new collagen and elastin produced by the body.

As the dermis begins to thin, it loses its capacity to provide for moisture and blood nutrients to the outermost layer. The fat which is present in the subcutaneous layer and which gives a plump appearance also begins to disappear and eventually the epidermis begins to sag and wrinkles are formed.

Experts assert that there is no specific age though to get wrinkles. Wrinkles can appear as early as when you are in your twenties or as late as when you are in your thirties or forties. Facial expressions also contribute in wrinkle formations.

Tips to prevent wrinkles:

Follow these tips to get rid of the wrinkles appearing on your face:

  • Avoid frowning too often as facial expressions can also cause wrinkles.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Use moisturizers and lotions to keep the skin healthy and nourished.
  • Apply sunscreen lotions when outdoors.
  • Avoid harmful air pollutants like ozone.
  • Eat a nutritious and healthy diet which includes important vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

These tips cannot evade the occurrence of wrinkles but can certainly slower the advent of wrinkles whether at an early or latter stage of life. Moreover treatment becomes easier and is rendered effective if one takes due care of their skin and skin conditions on a regular basis.