Photo facial Treatment for Wrinkles

People always look for new ways to treat skin related problems. One of the new way is use of photo facial treatment for wrinkles. This procedure involves the use of light energy to reduce skin related disorders.

What is Photo facial Treatment

  • Photo facial treatment involves the use of light energy to treat skin problems. It forces the skin to produce new collagen. Collagen being the most important structural component helps to treat wrinkles.
  • It is a procedure that is carried out for 30 minutes. In this procedure light beams penetrate deep into the skin and cause the blood vessels and collagen below epidermis to constrict, thereby reducing age lines and redness. This treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a qualified dermatologist.
  • It works for wrinkles by enhancing collagen production, increasing moisture, improving skin texture and accelerating skin repair.
  • The results obtained after the treatment would be different for each individual. To obtain the desired results, there is a necessity to carry it more than once. In case of wrinkles, after the first treatment skin glows and major results are seen only after the fourth treatment.
  • This procedure is effective and shows relatively low discomfort. It is a non ablative procedure that involves no removal of skin. In this procedure, the light rays are mostly targeted on to the deeper layer of the skin dermis and the outer epidermal layer remains unaffected.
  • After the treatment is carried out, patients are suggested to use a mild moisturizer and a cleanser.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Photo facial Treatment


  • It is less painful than laser treatment.
  • This form of treatment does not damage the skin.
  • It is effective in treating large area at once.
  • This treatment procedure takes less time.


  • Redness and loss of pigments in the area treated are the most common side effects associated with this treatment.
  • About 4 to 6 sittings are required.
  • It is costly.