Sun Exposure Causes Wrinkles

Experts claim that even though wrinkles form an imperative part of the latter or earlier parts of our lives depending on how we treat our skin and skin conditions, excessive exposure to sun and smoking intensify the lines on our face and elsewhere.

The skin undergoes a tremendous metamorphosis as one grows older. With the cells dividing more slowly and the middle and subcutaneous layers becoming thinner and susceptible to the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays contributes in the rise of wrinkles on our face.

Researchers are of the opinion that wrinkling can have drastic effects on the self esteem of a person. The stigma attached with being old is on a constant high. This is evident from the rising use of cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries to hide face imperfections.

Excessive sun damage caused to the skin is called Photoaging. Expert’s claim that the overall exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun referred to as UVA and UVB is said to account for about ninety percent of the symptoms of premature aging. Most of these harmful effects are suffered by people when they are in their twenties.

Types of radiation that can be suffered by individuals:

Whether light or intense, radiation can have harmful effects on the skin. Types and effects of sun’s radiation include the following:

  • Small amounts of radiation also triggers wrinkle formation.
  • Long and repetitive exposure to the sun causes wrinkling of the skin and is also the cause of skin cancer.
  • Intense exposure to sunlight during one’s early stages also leads to melanoma which is a severe type of skin cancer.

Harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation:

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause severe cell damage that can lead to wrinkling of the skin, premature aging, skin infection and various skin cancers. The harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation can be observed in the following ways:

  • UVB rays affect the outer layer of the skin and causes sun burns. UVB rays are most intense in the afternoons. Window glass filters can keep UVB rays out.
  • UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and lead to serious consequences. Window glass filters are unable to keep out the UVA rays.

The process of wrinkle formation through ultraviolet radiation:

The process of wrinkle formation due to excessive exposure to the sun includes the following:

  • Exposure to the sun causes the collagen which is contained in the dermis to breakdown.
  • Abnormal accumulation of elastin which encourages the production of an enzyme called metalloproteinases.
  • Normally the function of this enzyme is to repair the skin tissues by producing and repairing collagen production that are usually destroyed due to excessive exposure to the sun.
  • But in this case the collagen fibers break further and cause wrinkles to form.
  • Moreover the detrimental effects of the environment like sun damage can cause an overproduction of free radicals or oxidants that contribute to wrinkling by activating the metalloproteinases that destroys the skin tissues.

So if you want to escape from premature wrinkling of your skin stay away from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays.