Wrinkle Remover

Can you avoid wrinkles?

Therefore if we can somehow makes sure that the skin does not lose the ability to hold moisture we can definitely avoid having wrinkles at early ages. But we CANNOT avoid wrinkles doesn’t mean that there is not way out. ……..

Wrinkle Remover

Can I use my mind to remove wrinkles?

Oh yes you can. Before finding the answer, consider this: Why do wrinkles form? Because enough moisture is not provided to the epidermis.
There are various factors that increase the wrinkles on your face: sun light, unnecessary artifical light or tanning, smoking, air pollution, and sudden weight loss.
So coming back to our answer, you can remove your wrinkles (if wrinkles on your face are just about appearing) or take care that

no more wrinkles

form using your mind. All you need to remember is to REMEMBER these:

  • DO NOT spend too much time in sun, i.e. direct sun. And avoid even venturing out (without your sun screen or a sun block) during the so called peak hours, between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. This is the time when the sun’s rays are the harshest and the hottest.
  • Ofcourse sunlight in the evening and the morning is good for health, but USE YOUR IMAGINATION AND LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Listen to your body when your body sweats too much and says that there is too much humidity in the climate by sweating you.
  • DO NOT go to the salon to get a tan. The UV light that is emitted from the tanning booths is so harsh that it can even damage your skin very badly.
  • STOP SMOKING. If you don’t care about your life thats OK. But if you care about your skin, then stop smoking. The oxygen less radicals that smoke releases in the body are very dangerous for your skin.
  • Drink lots of water, NOT alcohol
  • DO NOT wash your face often. It washes the skin oils off.

If you have observed it, all we humans have is our mind to do or not do certain things. Use your mind, avoid (even remove) wrinkles.